Why Choose GI Solar?

100% Australian owned and operated & one of the longest serving and best reviewed companies in Australia
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Why Choose GI Solar?

GI Energy are leaders in residential and commercial solar solutions

GI Energy is a team of electrical engineers, CEC designers , CEC installers, experienced project managers and consultants who specialise in home solar and business solar solutions. We also offer advanced energy reduction strategies for clients with large and complex electrical needs.

We were established in 2011 and we were the 57th company in Australia to become a CEC Approved Retailer.

As one of the longest serving solar companies in the country, we offer great peace of mind for customers looking for credible advice when trying to reduce energy costs. Over the years we have maintained close to perfect reviews on all the major review sites. For a business with such a long trading history, and operating in a very transient market place we are very proud to have such a great reputation.

What this means to you is, you know you will be a safe hands engaging us to help you reduce your home or business energy costs.

Why people use GI Energy:
  • We provide premium products for fair prices
  • We look after our customers with a lifetime service guarantee
  • We have almost perfect reviews on all the review sites
  • We understand how to size a system effectively

We offer the best service in the Australian solar industry.

We don’t just preach customer service. 

We have always been 100% Australian owned and we always will be
Serving happy customers across Australia since 2011
We supply market leading products and warranties
Long-term Clean Energy Council accredited installers
Tailored systems and system monitoring to suit your needs
Structured renewable investments to suit individual needs

Every Customer is Different.

At GI Energy we understand that every client we speak to has different needs, budgets, expectations and requirements, which cannot always be met with a straightforward solar array. This is why we take the time to get to know our customers before we suggest an energy reduction solution.

For commercial customers we go to great lengths to analyse and understand the individual site-specific consumption and billing data. Before we make any suggestions to our clients, we explore a vast range of energy reduction options, ensuring we are covering all bases.

  • We take time to get to know our customers, and understand their energy profiles
  • We take a great deal of time and care ensuring we explore all energy saving possibilities for our customers
  • We understand how to tailor an energy solution specifically based on your individual needs
  • Every customer is treated with the same level of care and consideration, regardless of their size

Diverse business structure with long trading history.

The energy reduction market is still very young in Australia. Solar energy in particular has only been adopted on a large-scale since early 2009. GI Energy have been there right from the start, and our upper-level management team have over 33 years of industry experience. The industry in general has proved to be fairly volatile, with lots of companies starting up and closing down, and often leaving a mess of unfulfilled warranties behind them. GI Energy has a diverse range of revenue streams when compared to traditional solar energy companies which makes us more secure if you are looking for a company who is likely to be around for many years after you take on an energy reduction project for your home or business.

  • Trading since early 2011
  • Upper-level managements team has over 33 years industry experience
  • Broad range of services offered when compared to traditional solar companies
  • Secure and financially sound business structure
See what some of our clients had to say.

Client Reviews

GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
The install went very well and Paul and Daniel worked constantly and efficiently through the time they were here. They were courteous and polite at all times. I am happy to commend, and to recommend them, for the work they performed.
Tony & Lisa Shaw
Green Incentive are a company where what they say actually happens and happens within the time frame specified. The Solar system is of a high quality with installation second to none. We were extremely happy with the entire process and would highly recommend green incentives.
Trent & Emma
Murwillumbah, ACT - Canberra
The whole process was quick and easy to set up and now on our way to great savings. Thanks
Cara Paull
Curra, Queensland
Well planned by the sales rep. The installation was very professional and timely. Will recommend this company to my friends and family without reservation.
Greg Howell
Eli Waters, QLD

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Not all products are created equally.

At GI Energy we have a range of products that are more popular than others, but we do not hold stock of any one brand of solar panel or inverter. The reason we do this is so our consultants can be open and honest with customers about product capabilities and pros and cons. We have come across many situations since our inception where customers have been quoted cheap equipment, for really high prices, and the consultant working with the customer has insisted they have provided the most expensive or best products available. Often times this is because the company in question has large stock holding of this particular type of product, that they need to push. Our business model allows us to be 100% flexible and completely transparent when offering advice to our clients. Because we have strong relationships with all the key distributors in the industry we can also be extremely competitive offering any product available. This is one of the reasons that you know you will be treated fairly when talking to a GI Energy consultant.

  • We can supply any product on the market, and we are always very well priced
  • Our business model allows us to be extremely flexible and transparent – a rare thing in this industry
  • You can be certain we are offering honest advice, because we have no allegiance with specific manufacturers
  • Not all products will deliver the same results. Talk to us to get realistic forecasts for the products you like.

You will be cared for by our service team for life.

Our belief is that a customer should be looked after for life, not just until they have paid their invoice. The products we supply usually have very long warranties, which are covered by the manufacture and facilitated by our team at GI Energy. We want to provide more than just the standard industry warranties though. So we offer every customer the same lifetime service guarantee. Our team is always available to help customers with problems, queries or just simple questions whenever they need help.

  • Long, industry leading warranties are always supplied, but we want to help more than that.
  • Our service team is always available to help, regardless of how long ago you purchased your system.
  • A customer is a customer for life, and at GI Energy we stand by our customers whenever they need us.
  • The energy industry is always changing, and can be confusing for consumers. Our experts are always here to provide advice and help for customers.

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