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Solar maintenance service and advice that will save you money and heartache

It’s been a long day and you collect the mail on the way in the door. Flicking through you find your electricity bill. It’s more than double the price you expected!

It’s bill shock and you want blood!  Your mind scans through the possibilities…  Air-con abuse? Faulty appliance?  Ridiculous overcharge?  It takes you a few hours – but you find it…  Your solar system is not working!  You begin to wonder when you last had it serviced. If ever…

This is how many solar owners learn about the importance of maintaining their solar system. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together the best industry service and a consumer guide to explain problems, solutions and how-to’s to give your solar system the best chance at a long life.

Having a window cleaner attend to your solar panels is not the right solution to keep your system running and safe over the long term.  Take a browse through, download the guide or get a quote.

The Ultimate Guide To Solar Maintenance

Getting a start on the best plan forward

Getting a good education is always a good place to start.  Sales people generally don’t tell you much at the time of your sale.  There is a great deal unqualified opinion on the internet.

Rather than presenting a ‘one size fits all’ solar maintenance plan, we work with you to understand your system and environent to give you the best advice and plan for the future. Our Ultimate Solar Maintenance Guide will show you a range of things to consider. By reading it you’ll have a good understanding of the challenges your own system faces.

Once you’ve got a handle on what a solar maintenance service is, we recommend you set a date in the future to do your first service.  Use this service as a reference point.

After your first service, review the report and decide when you think another service would be good and put a date in your calendar.  From then it is just a matter of monitoring what is going on.

A simple plan that will keep your home safe, maximise your savings and give you peace of mind.

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Using a solar panel cleaning service is not enough

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Window cleaners lack industry experience

Most solar panel cleaning services originate from a window cleaning business. While this gets your panels clean and improves solar production there is a gap in solar industry knowledge that could put your panel warranties and the cleaners lives at risk.

Solar panels carry live electricity and unless safety procedures are in place, adding water, height and tripping hazards like hoses can be a nightmare recipe. All maintenance staff should have the correct industry training to safely work with solar panels.

If the incorrect cleaning methods are used or the panel manufacturer instructions are not adhered to, warranties can also be at risk.

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Regular electrical inspections are important

Your system should have regular electrical inspections. Cabling, Isolators and damaged panels need to be identified and reported to you. By checking electrical hazards, your home and family are not at risk.

Shade issues will cause production loss. In most cases, if just one panel is shaded your solar production loss is 50% – 100%. Knowledge of your system configuration helps accurately report these issues.

These are just a few examples of the importance and value of solar industry experience.These are just a few examples of the importance and value of solar industry experience.

GI Energy Solar Maintenance Services
will save you time and money.

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This guide is available until 30th of August 2018.

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A full solar maintenance service offers you value and protection

Panel cleaning businesses will only do part of the job you need to maintain your system, yet they charge 60-80% of a full maintenance service.  When you know the value of a full service and what you are covering – you’ll rarely use a panel cleaning service again.

Our professional clean leads the industry
We bring our own, mineral filtered, ambient temperature water and we don't use chemicals or harsh cleaning tools. Your warranty is protected with us!
We use thermal cameras and light readers
With this technology we can guarantee early detection of hot spot failures before and after cleaning the panels and can identify and test light penetration.
We provide you with a detailed report
We'll provide you a 'before and after inverter reading' report, a system condition checklist and recommendations, and thermal images and job photos.
After the job, we’ll keep you informed
To ensure the upkeep of your system, we'll be sure to schedule reminders for future services and send bi-monthly emails with savings tips, cases studies and industry updates.
We conduct an electrical inspection
The inspection will audit your systems, cabling and connections, isolators and detect any panel defects.
We look for shade problems
We are aware of shade issues and will advise you on how to resolve them.
Physical checks of your roof and racking
We'll analyse your roof for loose brackets and bolts and identify any potential roof leaks or other issues.

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Please find your comprehensive solar maintenance quote and order form below. Our service to you includes:

  • Panels professionally cleaned. No chemicals, spot free.
  • Inspection of inverter (if accessible)
  • Inspection of cables, connections & isolators between inverter and panels.
  • Inspection of brackets, bolts, clamps and frames to ensure panels are secure and ensure nothing has worked loose during storms and high winds.
  • Thermal imaging checks for hot spot failures.
  • Solar production readings before and after cleaning.
  • Check potential shading issues and impact.
  • Full report of clean, maintenance and findings. Includes photos and thermal images.

Note: if your panel quantity is incorrect, we will make the adjustment to this quote at $10 per panel. You do not have to be home for us to do this work. We will contact you soon to arrange a suitable time.

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