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GI Energy Partner Program

What is the GI Energy Partners Program?

We created this program at GI Energy so we can partner with likeminded businesses who share customers with similar needs.

The aim of the program is to add extra value to your customers lives, while also adding more value to your business. The products and services we offer at GI Energy will help people reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. As the world pushes towards a carbon neutral future, this is something that cannot be overlooked by any home or business owner.

We want to partner with businesses who have a strong focus on making sure their customers are extremely well looked after and would like to offer them an additional value add, without having to create a whole new division or product line within their business. Additionally, we would like to partner with businesses that have a desire to introduce new revenue streams.

Key benefits of the partnership:
  • Offer your customers a brand new high value service
  • Provide more value to your customers lives
  • Create a new revenue stream for your business
  • Benefit from the renewable energy sector right now
  • Global push for decarbonisation means fantastic opportunities

Who are we?

We have always been 100% Australian owned and we always will be
Serving happy customers across Australia since 2011
We want to work with likeminded businesses who want to add value
We were one of the first ever CEC Approved Retailers in Australia
Tailored partnerships to suit your business needs
Structured renewable investments to suit individual needs

Why partner with GI Energy?

This mutually beneficial partnership will allow you to provide more value to your customers by helping them becoming more energy efficient. It will also serve you by providing a new revenue stream for your business, without any time or cost concerns.

The energy reduction marketplace is certain to be one of the most high value sectors to be involved in for the next three decades. This partnership will give you the opportunity to tap into that value, without having to become a renewable expert or outlay a large investment of time or capital.

The energy solutions we offer to your customers will be backed by large Government funded rebates. In many cases we can organise significant energy assets for your customers that can be realised with no capital spend above their current energy costs.

  • Help your customers reduce energy overheads with no capital costs
  • We can organise large Government rebates for your customers
  • Generate additional revenue for your business
  • Significant assets can be achieved with no extra business spend

How does the partnership work?

We have a flexible approach to our partnership program. The goal is to parter with businesses who want to add value to their customers and increase revenue in their own business.

We are looking for businesses where there is a reasonable degree of cross pollination in the client database. Essentially, if you have a customer base with individuals or businesses that would benefit from reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs we believe we can add a lot of value.

There are multiple ways to approach the communication between GI Energy and your customers and we can usually find methodology that both parties are comfortable with.

We are a professional energy reduction company that has been trading since 2011 and we have a great online and offline reputation. We are not a sales company that intends on harassing your customers. We can simply offer a completely free energy assessment and if they customer does not see value in any of our suggestions then we report this back to you.

  • We have a flexible approach to the partnership
  • We are not a sales company that will harass you or your customers
  • We offer no obligation energy assessments with no upfront costs
  • If you customers can benefit from reducing energy costs then this partnership can work for you

Current partners and customers include



Client Reviews

GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
The install went very well and Paul and Daniel worked constantly and efficiently through the time they were here. They were courteous and polite at all times. I am happy to commend, and to recommend them, for the work they performed.
Tony & Lisa Shaw
Green Incentive are a company where what they say actually happens and happens within the time frame specified. The Solar system is of a high quality with installation second to none. We were extremely happy with the entire process and would highly recommend green incentives.
Trent & Emma
Murwillumbah, ACT - Canberra
The whole process was quick and easy to set up and now on our way to great savings. Thanks
Cara Paull
Curra, Queensland
Well planned by the sales rep. The installation was very professional and timely. Will recommend this company to my friends and family without reservation.
Greg Howell
Eli Waters, QLD

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