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Why We’re The Logan Solar Power Experts

GI Energy are the number one provider of Logan solar power solutions in the area. We are experts in solar power and solar battery storage in Logan, which is why we are the locals’ choice. If you are looking for advice on which system will suit your Logan residence, contact one of our friendly team members today to discuss your needs and lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service and solar solutions to both residents and businesses in the Logan area. We are dedicated to doing things the right way, only recommending solar systems that are the right fit for your home or business.

Other companies have been known to recommend ineffectively sized systems, don’t use the right equipment and most importantly, don’t deliver the energy savings that their customers were promised.

We use the latest industry software and qualified on-hand electrical engineers which is why we are the best solar company in Logan. GI Energy are CEC Approved Solar Retailers and only employ accredited installers, designers and providers of different solar products from the clean energy council:


Many of our customers are unsure of the of savings they can expect after installing one of our solar systems into their Logan residences. 

Luckily, we understand the Logan weather and know that summers can be more cloudy than other parts of the country, however, during the winter months there is a great opportunity to capitalise on that sunshine, which means you can expect to see savings all year round. 



Installing solar power in Logan can have a positive impact on your electricity bill, as well as the environment.

We’ve put together information showing how solar energy is positively impacting Logan and how it can potentially help you.

During 2017, a total of 3,394 homeowners installed solar power in Logan.  The growth rate for solar in Logan is around 9% on the previous year.  There’s a total of 43,386 roof top solar systems installed across the entire Logan City area.

The 2016 census reported a total of 109,925 dwellings in Logan City.  This would indicate 39.5% of dwellings in Logan have installed solar.  Logan is far ahead of the national installation rate of 23.3% and the Queensland rate of 32%. 

Well done residents of Logan!  You are national leaders in the move to a cleaner energy future for Australia and you are clearly smart savers!

Here’s an example of how your bill could look if you install solar panels onto your 4129 residence or business address:


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From consultation to installation, we’re with you all the way.

When it comes to installing residential solar systems in the Logan area we’re the experts. You can put your trust in GI Energy to create a tailored solar power system for your Logan home that perfectly suits the needs of your household. There are a wealth of benefits to installing a solar energy system on your home, including reducing your carbon energy footprint and saving up to 20% on your annual electricity bill! A complete solar power system can also increase the value of your Logan .

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At GI Energy, it’s important to us that the prices for all our products and services are reasonable.
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We will install your residential and commercial solar products with a lifetime service guarantee.

What Our Customers Say:

Logan Solar Power: What Our Customers Say

GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
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  • GCL solar panels coupled with a Sungrow inverter
  • Great Value
  • Popular for smaller systems
  • Customary Industry Warranties
GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
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  • REC solar panels coupled with ABB inverter
  • Singapore manufactured panels
  • Italian made inverter
  • Twin Peak technology
Residential Products | GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
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  • Phono solar panels coupled with ABB inverter
  • Government backed manufacturer
  • Italian made inverter
  • Global Fortune 500 company
Residential Products | GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
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  • Qcell solar panels coupled with Fronius inverter
  • Austrian engineered inverter
  • German engineered solar panel
  • Market leading hot spot technology
GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
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  • LG solar panels with Sungrow Hybrid inverter and LG Chem battery
  • Full battery system
  • LG solar panels and batteries
  • Provides power during blackouts & in the evenings

We tailor each pack to suit your needs.

Talk to our team today about finding the right system for your home.

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Solar Panels

A solar panel is the part of your system that actually generates electricity. A system is made up of several solar panels, which form a solar array. The larger the system, the more energy you’ll produce. A residential system typically starts at around 2kW and goes up to around 12kW.

We provide solar systems as an installed kit, and look after everything from initials approvals, through to installation and commissioning of your tailored solution.


Solar Panel Brands We Supply

Phono Solar       Canadian Solar    GCL New Energy         QCells           REC         LG Chem

Residential Products | GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems


An inverter is the part of the system that converts the solar panel electricity into useful energy for your home. There are many different types of inverters available, all with different functions and capabilities. Typically, the European-made inverters have been more reliable, efficient, and have more features than inverters made elsewhere in the world.

Inverter Brands We Supply


ABB Solar Fronius SMA  SunGrow SolarEdge  Schneider Electric

Residential Products | GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems


Batteries are used to store solar energy that you haven’t used while it was produced. This stored energy can be used at night time, or when your solar array is not producing enough energy to service your consumption. Storing energy in batteries allows you to run appliances at night time, when the solar panels are no longer producing energy. With the right system, you can also use this electricity in the event of a power cut. The battery storage marketplace is changing rapidly and is being adopted by more Australians at a rapid rate.

Battery Brands We Supply


LG Chem Giant Power Selectronics Solar

Residential Products | GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems