Hobson Engineering

System Size





Phono PS275P-20/U, ABB Trio 27.6 x 8, Clenergy Mounting system

CO2 Reduction:

203 Tons annually

CO2 Equivalent:

1053 Trees per annum

Energy Output:

288,079 kWh

Hobson Engineering has trusted GI Energy in taking control of their energy management across multiple sites. We installed 123.12kW at their Eastern Creek site and a further 64.8kW at the Larapinta site. This complex project involved several different roof types, multiple zero export and network protection boards, crane to lift infrastructure onto high roof areas and a significant level of pre-site engineering to ensure the solar pv was correctly sized.

Hobson Engineering had spoken to several competitors before GI Energy who were not able to provide a cost effective solution for their energy reduction needs. Luke from GI Energy used brand new, market leading energy consumption software to effectively analyse Hobson Engineerings load profile and accurately size a suitable solar pv system for their needs. The data we obtained and software we used for this process is absolutely vital to ensure their solar system is sized correctly. A correctly system ensures the level of spilled energy is acceptable which paves the way for a great return on investment.

Without the correct amount of care and use of effective data and software, we regular see competitors under or over sizing the pv array which result in the project outcome varying massively when compared to forecasts and expectations. Lukes vast experience and access to this intellectual property allows Gi Energy to effectively forecast accurate returns. This ability is difficult to find in a new and constantly evolving industry.

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