PART A: Connecting your inverter to your home Wi-Fi (can also be used for changing home Wi-Fi networks)
PART B: Creating your Fronius account (this can be done before your system is installed to make everything quicker)
PART C: Connecting your inverter to your Fronius account
PART D: Sharing your monitoring with GI (this allows us to better assist with any issues – or even spot them before you do!)
PART E: Setting up the app

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please follow these instructions in order. Doing them in a different order can cause issues. In particular, do not install the app until everything else is completed.

You will need
• Laptop computer
• Wi-Fi connection
• Fronius inverter

Note this is correct as of May 2020, although sometimes Fronius changes things! If you notice anything incorrect, please contact us.


1. Press the third button on the inverter to reveal the picture of a house

2. Use the first and second buttons to navigate to the settings option (spanner & screwdriver) and press the fourth button

3. Use the first and second buttons to navigate to the ‘access point’ option and press the fourth button

4. Click the fourth button to activate

5. Write down the Datalogger ID and keep this handy as you will need it again later on (it will start “240.”) Do not deactivate the WiFi AP.

Noteworthy note: The Access Point turns off automatically after a set time, so if you have any issues in the below make sure the Access Point is on and your laptop is connected to it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The number after the 240. is now 7 digits, not 6. However, the inverter screen will only show six digits. You may need to at a “1” to the front of the numbers following the 240. The Wi-Fi Access Point name should show all seven digits.

6. Search for the Fronius 240.xxxxxx Wi-Fi network on your laptop and connect to it. The password is 12345678.

7. Open a web browser (e.g. Chrome) and go to Click OK to get rid of the app popup (do not install the app yet)

8. You will be presented with either a wizard or a general data screen. Most likely you’ll get the wizard. If so, follow steps 9~18 then progress onto Part B. If you get the datascren, follow steps 19~22.

9. [Wizard] Click SOLAR.WEB WIZARD.

10. Fill in your details. For system name, use Initial.Surname – Suburb. The tariff data can be found on your bill, or be ignored. Click Forward.

11. Enter your system size in watts. For example, 6.6kW is 6600. Click Forward.

12. Accept and close the warnings

13. Ensure via WLAN is selected (if you’re using Wi-Fi). Click your home Wi-Fi network, then click Set.

14. Enter your home Wi-Fi password and click Save.

15. It should now say Saved. Click Connect and wait for it to configure.

16. Connect your laptop back to your home Wi-Fi network then go to

17. This confirmation should appear. Click Forward.

18. You can close the Wizard now. An admin password is not 100% necessary to have. However, if you do want to set the admin password, you will have to connect back to the Fronius 240.XXXXXX Access Point briefly while you do this. Once the password is set you can go back to being connected to your Wi-Fi. You can no also move to Part B – steps 19 – 22 are only required for those who did not get the wizard.

19. [Data screen] On the right-hand vertical menu, pick Settings

20. Enter your system name (Initial.Surname – Suburb) then click the tick. Then on the left-hand vertical menu, pick Network

21. The settings here are the same as the wizard – ensure Internet via WLAN is selected, click your home Wi-Fi network, Set, enter your password, click Save

22. Scroll to the top and click the tick (THIS IS IMPORTANT. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS STEP IT WILL NOT WORK!)


23. Go to and in the top right, click Login

24. On the right side, click Register Now

25. Follow the set-up process on the screen to set up the account. This will involve filling in the details as the website asks for them. It is only very basic details and you will prompted to do these. You will then get an email from Fronius.
26. Confirm you account by clicking the link in the email that will have been automatically sent to you


27. Log in as per 23 (except Login not Register)
38A. Click Add PV system (if it’s not there, see 38B)

38B. Click the arrow in the top-right corner then click Add PV system

39. PV system name in the following format: Initial.Surname – Suburb (if you are a commercial client, please use your business name)

40. Click Add then Datamanager

41. Enter the 240.XXXXXX code from 5, confirm you’re not a robot, then click Save at the top.

42. You’ll now be taken back to the home screen and you should now see your system!


43. Click Settings

44. Click Permissions

45. Click Add

46: Username: [email protected], Right: Supervisor, then click OK.

47: Successfully added


There are two Fronius apps, Solar.web Live and Solar.web Pro. Both are currently free. Try both, although I recommend Pro. Comparison of apps:

30. To log in to your Solar.web account on the app, click the picture of the house and find the settings>user option to log in.