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We are here to help you save energy in your new home
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    Receive a discount of up to $1000 on our home solar packages as a Frasers Property Care & Rewards member

    *this offer is only available on eligible and suitable properties, subject to structural assessment

    Get the best tips for solar owners,
    solar buyers, home builders and investors.

    Exclusive to Frasers Property Care & Rewards members, our detailed guide will give you solar boosting advice for 4 different situations

    • Solar owners looking to get the very best from an existing solar system
    • Solar buyers tips that help you navigate toward the best value in purchase and solar savings.
    • Home builder guide to planning effective energy management and solar production for a new home.
    • Investors/Landlords practical advice for benefiting from solar with your investment property.
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    GI Energy can help you plan, purchase and maintain your Solar.

    As a Frasers Property Care & Rewards member, GI Energy has a great deal more to offer you when it comes to solar.  We’ve spent 8 years building a business that meets the needs of solar purchasers and owners to develop a service we know you’ll love.

    We currently have remote access to hundreds of our clients solar monitoring systems.  We use this access to provide quick responses to issues and client questions.  The data we review allows us to help our clients understand their ongoing electricity usage to ensure we are on track for savings targets.

    We have years of experience comparing quoted savings estimates with actual savings results.  We’ve built our own software to provide better, more accurate savings estimates during the quoting process.  Why? – So that you can feel confident investing in solar by knowing the monthly, quarterly and lifetime savings of your system.

    We are constantly developing systems and educational resources to help you know more about your solar system, energy consumption and savings tips.

    We’ve learnt that solar consumers greatly value our guidance and on-call assistance after they have purchased.  We offer you our leading support services to help you get the best from your solar investment.

    If you are a current solar owner, you may like some tips to work out if your system is working the way it should and how to maximise solar savings.

    If you’d like to know more about planning, purchasing or maintenance use the form at the top of the page to get our free guides and/or get in contact with us. You’ll be glad you did.

    This offer is made by GI Energy and is only available on eligible and suitable properties, subject to structural assessment. The purchaser must consider the impact of any strata or community title by-laws or other restrictions or covenants, which may prohibit or restrict the installation of any solar PV system offered.” 

    We don’t just preach customer service.

    Exceptional ongoing care and after-sales support is our priority
    Serving happy customers in Australia since 2011
    We supply market leading products and warranties
    Long-term Clean Energy Council accredited installers
    Tailored systems and monitoring to suit your needs
    Structured renewable investments to suit individual needs
    See what some of our clients had to say.

    Don’t take our word for it!

    GI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power SystemsGI Energy | Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
    The install went very well and Paul and Daniel worked constantly and efficiently through the time they were here. They were courteous and polite at all times. I am happy to commend, and to recommend them, for the work they performed.
    Tony & Lisa Shaw
    Green Incentive are a company where what they say actually happens and happens within the time frame specified. The Solar system is of a high quality with installation second to none. We were extremely happy with the entire process and would highly recommend green incentives.
    Trent & Emma
    Murwillumbah, ACT - Canberra
    The whole process was quick and easy to set up and now on our way to great savings. Thanks
    Cara Paull
    Curra, Queensland
    Well planned by the sales rep. The installation was very professional and timely. Will recommend this company to my friends and family without reservation.
    Greg Howell
    Eli Waters, QLD

    Hassle free payment plans available with zero deposit required

    GI Energy has strategic partnerships with various residential lenders to ensure our customers are being offered a complete package specifically for their needs. We have no interest ever payment plans with zero deposit payable and weekly repayments as low as $20.80.

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