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People are now switching to a more sustainable lifestyle and becoming more aware of their resource consumption.

SOLAR ENERGY creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits not only the environment but also you as an individual.

By investing in solar energy, you can power your future from one of the most sufficient and reliable sources of energy we have available:


The impact of solar energy on climate change

Reducing your household's carbon footprint

Installing solar panels means you'll generate your own clean energy.

Reducing air pollution

Solar panels don't need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Solar power is non-polluting which means no greenhouse gases.

Using less water

Solar energy generation uses minimal to zero water unlike water-hungry coal-fired power plants.


The impact of solar energy for you

Solar reduces your electricity costs

Correctly sized systems will save 50-80% immediately.

Solar systems are a great return on investment

Professionally installed solar will give you a minimum ROI of 25-30%.

Solar creates more energy independence

Reducing grid reliance through your mini power station.

Solar will increase your property value

Appealing to more buyers for a quicker sale.

Looking for a reliable solar retailer? We've got you covered! 

We are one of the longest running solar companies in Australia because we take pride in what we do and only work with the best suppliers and installers.

Industry Accreditation

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Why choose GI Energy?

  • Serving over 5000 happy customers across Australia since 2011
  • Exceptional ongoing care and after-sales support
  • We supply market leading products and warranties
  • Tailored systems and system monitoring to suit your needs
  • Long-term Clean Energy Council accredited installers
  • Structured renewable investments to suit individual needs

GI Energy giving back to the community

Everyone around the globe deserves to receive clean energy.

In December 2019, we have launched a new division: GI Energy Remote Solutions.

This not-for-profit division is dedicated to providing basic electricity to families in developing countries who cannot access or afford electricity.

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