Luke’s live data

If you have a PV system, it’s always good to monitor your system. This way you can know how much energy you’re generating, see how much money you’re saving, and you can even catch any issues if they happen. All inverters have built-in functions to measure the generated electricity, and most can share it to the internet. I’m going to write a whole article on different monitoring options soon, so watch this space!

This is our director Luke’s system. He has a Fronius Symo 15 and 46x 330W Phono Solar panels (15.2kW), based in Brisbane. The data is coming from his inverter and going to PVoutput (a website which logs and visualises the data). This is real-time data – it updates every 5 mintues, so refresh this page every few minutes and you’ll get the latest info! You can click the graph to be taken to the PVoutput website, to see even more information. And as the data goes directly from his inverter to PVoutput, there’s no way we can “fiddle” with it to get better numbers – what you’re looking at is the real deal.

The graph above shows the day’s output, time along the x (horizontal) axis, PV production on the y (vertical). The top bar contains further information: daily generation so far on the left, and live generation in the middle.

The graph below shows the output of previous days. Each bar is one day, and the height is the amout of electricity generated. The top bar contains further information: total generation (in this case, since Friday 15th May 2020), and the “efficiency” (the kWh of electricity you’ve generated for every kW of solar PV you have installed)