Temporary $500 package to help people save money on electricity

$250 cash for you and $250 cash for your friend.

Package designed so it doesn’t cost anything to get installed and will reduce home bills right away.

Take control of your energy at home now.


We are moving into potentially difficult times ahead.

We have designed a package for friends and family of existing customers where we tailor a system so there is no money required up front, and you use money you give to your energy company to pay off your solar panels.

This system will not cost anything and will put extra money back in your pocket right away.

You will also get an additional $250 cash back once the panels are installed. Whoever referred you to us will also receive $250 cash back.

Please note: GI Energy will need to calculate your exact situation as every home owner is different. Please speak with one of our solar experts today so we can tell you exactly how you can save money. The offer is subject to system design and approvals.

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