Start taking advantage of solar now without taking money out of your pocket or upsetting your monthly budget. See how below.



To understand how to install solar without any upfront money or significantly upsetting your monthly budget, you first need to understand the significance of the 1 year and 10 year cost of your electricity bill. For example, if your average quarterly bill is $500 - you are spending $2,000 per year and more than $24,000 over 10 years (4% inflation). After 10 years - what do you have to show for your money?

Got a pen and paper? Take a look at your last years worth of bills and work out a 1 year and 10 year cost. How does it compare?

A $500 quarterly bill is approximately $166 per month. That's what you are paying your energy provider. Forever. Does that sound like a good deal to you?

What could you do with $166 per month to fix this problem? The answer is to replace your energy supply. Instead of paying your energy provider this amount you could finance a solar system. The money you spend on solar finance is typically recovered from the savings a solar system provides.

For example, a 6.6kW solar system could provide a monthly saving of $120-$140 per month. Depending on the purchase cost of the solar system, repayments can be between $120-$140 per month*.

You might be asking, if the cost is the same as the saving - why do it? Simple. In most cases, the savings from the solar system will fully cover the purchase cost of the system in 3-5 years. From then as long as you have invested in a reliable solar system, your savings could continue for 10-25 years.

The bottom line is when finance a solar system, you may not need a deposit. It's possible to match your repayments to solar savings so that your monthly budget is not impacted. You are then setting yourself up to ownership of a solar system after 3-5 years.

*Figures based on a 6.6kW solar system priced at $6,700. Financing estimates are based on a 7% interest rate over 5 years.

Consider your options over 10 years:

Option 1. Reject solar. Spend $24,000+ over 10 years. Have nothing to show for it. Continue spending on larger bills forever.

Option 2. Install solar. Recover your purchase cost over 3-5 years. Own a free energy generator. Continue to save thousands each year for the life of the solar system.

For every month that you delay a solar installation you need to ask yourself, 'am I wasting money'? If you'd like to get a clear understanding of how a solar system can provide savings in your unique situation, click below and we'll be in contact to explain your options and savings.

Why lock yourself into endless and rising energy bills?

If installing solar is possible without upfront money or any significant change to your monthly budget, should you at least consider it?

Using finance for renovation, furniture or landscaping usually means increasing your monthly budget. Solar installations are different becuase they save you money every day. If the finance cost is being covered by solar savings, the risk of increased cost to your monthly budget is removed.

The logical next step is to find out if solar savings match loan repayments for your specific situation. Does your energy bill need help? Is your roof big enough? Are you comfortable with the savings estimate and loan costs? These are all understandable questions.

Providing achievable savings estimates is the strongest part of our quoting service to you (It's actually industry leading). We care that you are able to receive savings in line with the expectations we set with you. We care so much about this that we stick with you for the life of your solar system. We provide ongoing support, advice about energy bills and remote monitoring to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. All of this to ensure you get the most from your solar system.

When you make the right choices, solar will continue to provide excellent results for years to come. By working with GI Energy you are assured of:

  • A highly informative, confidence inspiring sales process. You'll absolutely love our staff!
  • A safe and professional installation by perfection loving installers
  • Installation of leading products with a strong Australian warranty and support network
  • Ongoing support to maximise your life time savings plus access to training and bill reviews
  • Advice on how remote monitoring can boost solar savings and reduce maintenance costs

Solar in Bulimba and surrounding suburbs

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At GI Energy we tailor solar systems to suit individuals needs and we can supply and install any product on the market. Due to our long-standing position in the industry we have great relationships with all manufacturers and we are able to offer any products in Australia at great prices.