Large Power Use Solar Packages

Large Power Use Solar Packs

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100kW+ Solar Packages

Best suited for businesses with annual electricity bills of $150,000+

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Finance Available

Businesses with average power costs of over $150,000 will typically qualify for an in-depth energy assessment and ongoing energy reduction plan. With energy costs this high you need to have an ongoing strategy that changes with market conditions and with your business’ growth and fluctuations.

With an energy spend this high there will almost certainly be lots of things you can do to reduce your ongoing energy expense, that are outside of standard solar energy installations.

Our experienced team will typically find ways of reducing your power use before sizing your solar system. Every business is different, so we would need to assess your power correctly before making a suggestion for which system you need. For more information on our methodology see our philosophy.

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Other Commercial Systems

Minimal Power Use
6kW – 19kW
Recommended System
  • Average Power Use

    20kW – 100kW per day

  • Average Annual Power Cost

    $4260 - $14,400

Low - Medium Use
20kW – 50kW
Recommended System
  • Average Power Use

    101kW – 280kW per day

  • Average Annual Power Cost

    $14,500 - $34,000

Medium – High Use
51kW – 99kW
Recommended System
  • Average Power Use

    281kW – 1000kW per day

  • Average Annual Power Cost

    $34,500 - $116,556

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