Pay-as-you-save system means you can go solar and save money right away, with no cost!

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Meet Bob

Meet Ben

Bob said "No" to a $3,600.00 Government Rebate.

Ben got his rebate through. And went solar with no deposit or cost.

Bob is paying really high bills, even though he doesn't have to.

Ben has a really low power bill, and more money in the bank.

In 5-years, Bob will spend $19,536.32 on electricity at home.

In 5-years Ben will only pay $10,815.65, while he is also paying his solar off.

Bob will just keep paying for electricity forever, and never own anything.

Ben will have spent over $10,815.65 less and own his own solar system.

Would you rather be Bob...or Ben?

Who are we?

GI Energy is one of Australia's longest serving and most well-respected energy reduction companies.

We were one of the first 60 businesses in Australia to become an Approved Clean Energy Council Retailer and our success over the years has come down to making sure customers always come first.

We employ electrical engineers and CEC Accredited Designers alongside our experienced management team to make sure every single system we install operates at the best possible efficiency.